Prayer as Strategy

Prayer as Strategy

Envisioning the God-sized reality from His heart and co-laboring to pray it into being under His direction.

As we engage in the spiritual battle into which we were born, the Christ-follower fights for the souls of a world enslaved to sin and held captive to its bondage, blinded by Satan so that he cannot even see the light of the gospel. Jesus now holds the keys of David that open the door that no one can shut and that shut the door no one can open. God’s heart is that none should perish. His thoughts and ways are as high above ours as the heavens above the earth. But, God reveals His divine strategies to those drawing close to Him listening for His instructions. Those that war on their knees first bring the future into the present. They conduct a unique warfare as they are submitted to their Commander in Chief and serve as spiritual revivalists so that every aspect of the community is touched and changed by His Presence, His Word and the transforming world of the Holy Spirit of God.

Resources for Prayer as Strategy:

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