Getting Started

Where Do I Start?

Prayer for the Unreached?

Prayer is caught not taught.

Join us each month (2nd Monday at  4 pm GMT) to hear from our guest speaker share about what God is doing in a different region of the world each month.

Prayer Training

If you would like to chat things through with a mentor/coach please indicate that on the Contact Us page under comments.

We are a learning community and run online training in prayer strategies with our partner ministry, Fellowship of Prayer Strategists, each month, find out more HERE. Sign up here

Prayer in my organisation, agency or network?

Praying together as a family and how to engage my children in praying for the nations?

Checkout the helpful, creative and simple resources under children in prayer. Let us know if you would like some help by leaving a request on the contact page. Join the as a family.

Prayer for the unreached peoples and Kingdom Movements?

Educate and raise awareness of the state of our world and God’s heart for those who have no access to the Gospel. 

Why not sign up for our prayer training programme?

Get connected and join your regional Ethne community

Access the World Prayer Guides.

Church leader and want to help my community grow in prayer for those with little access to the Gospel?

Take a look at the Resources under regions and general Resources.

Enlarge your vision by joining us each month (2nd Monday at 4 pm GMT) to hear from our guest speaker share about what God is doing in a different region of the world each month. We follow the material found on Joshua Project Unreached of the Day (UOTD).

Join one of our regional Ethne teams to connect with a community nearer to where you live. (Sign up here)

Mission worker or a church planting movement team member amongst unreached groups.

The Ethne prayer network would like to support you and your team.

Take a look at our training material that is designed for mission teams.

Essential Toolkit for Prayer Mobilization

The Ethne Team has found these four items to be essential as we mobilize prayer for the unreached:

General Resource Sheet
Discovery Encounter Questions to Ignite Prayer
General DBS Topics
Ethne Foundations

Our Mission

CELEBRATING Great Commission Progress among the Least-Reached Peoples.
ASSESSING Current Opportunities and Resources.
ACCELERATING Movements to Christ Amongst All Peoples.