Resources (Global Region)

The Ethnê Prayer Movement is a global relational prayer movement that began in 2004. The Prayer Initiative began an annual prayer movement that strategically prays around the globe region by region. Partnering with the Global Prayer Digest every month, there is an intensified focus on one unreached people group per day in each region with different themes every year. Beginning in June, going East to West globally, pray along with the GPD Unreached Prayer Guide.

The year is divided in this format:

June: Southeast Asia & South Pacific

July: Northeast Asia

August: South Asia Buddhists

September: South Asia Hindus

October: South Asia Muslims

November: Central Asia

December: Middle East and North Africa

January: Eastern and Southern Africa

February: Western and Central Africa

March: Eastern Europe

April: Western Europe

May: Americas and Caribbean

Our Mission

CELEBRATING Great Commission Progress among the Least-Reached Peoples.
ASSESSING Current Opportunities and Resources.
ACCELERATING Movements to Christ Amongst All Peoples.