General Resources

Prayer Resources:

Fellowship of Prayer Strategists:

  • Fellowship of Prayer Strategists Brochure – Final PDF
    • Page One – FPS Brochure
    • Page Two – FPS Brochure

General Prayer Resources:

  • Communications:
    • Communication Document 1
    • Communication Document 2
    • Communication Document 3
  • January/February 2016 Mission Frontiers “Ordinary Women Empowered by an Extraordinary God”
  • Just Pray Video
  • Pray First PDF
  • Prayer Guides
  • PREGUNTAS del Estudio Bíblico de Descubrimiento para encender la oración
  • Scripture Prayers For the Peoples of the World by Luke Kuepfer
  • Security Issues and Prayer
  • “Spirit of the Moravians” video on convergence of the prayer movements and the mission movements
  • Temas generales sobre la oración- Estudios bíblicos de descubrimiento
  • UUPG Prayer Adoption PPT by ION
  • UUPG Prayer PPT by ION
  • What Christians Don’t Understand About Prayer
  • XYZ Prayer Guide by Freedom for the Captives

Our Mission

CELEBRATING Great Commission Progress among the Least-Reached Peoples.
ASSESSING Current Opportunities and Resources.
ACCELERATING Movements to Christ Amongst All Peoples.