Prayer Walking

Moving prayer out of the church/home and into the community with praise marches, prayer expeditions, prayer journeys, and prayerwalking, praying onsite with insight, bearing the Presence of Christ among the communities we bear on our hearts before His Throne.

As believers, we carry the presence of the Holy Spirit much as the ark of the covenant carried God’s Presence in the Old Testament. As the idol Dagon fell down before the ark of God, even so spiritual darkness yields to His presence in us. As we step into some of the darkest corners of the world, we invite God’s intervention among peoples not yet touched by His Light. We bring worship where He is not yet worshiped. We see through His eyes and allow His heart of compassion to flow through us to those around. We receive fresh revelation about the spiritual underpinnings of reality and why darkness lingers where it does in order to address and remove the barriers to the gospel. We waft the fragrance of Christ and become like showcase windows displaying His goodness and grace to a desperate and dying world. We encounter the people of peace God whose hearts God has prepared to receive salvation and bridge the good news into their world.

Resources for Prayer Walking:

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Our Mission

CELEBRATING Great Commission Progress among the Least-Reached Peoples.
ASSESSING Current Opportunities and Resources.
ACCELERATING Movements to Christ Amongst All Peoples.