Spiritual Warfare

Strategic-level spiritual warfare and commitment to the land – taking authority over spiritual powers and strongholds hindering the advance of God’s kingdom.

Believers live in warzones but our warfare is not against flesh and blood but principalities, powers, spiritual forces of wickedness and rulers of this present darkness. We need corresponding spiritual weapons that enable us to be victorious in this intangible battle. The Bible clearly enumerates our spiritual armor and gives many examples of the waging of this spiritual warfare. Jesus, as He sent out the seventy-two disciples two by two, warned them that He sent them out as lambs among wolves. Our battle IS prayer and prayer maintains the victory Jesus bought at great cost. In obeying His command to go into all the world, we battle forces of darkness that stand against the successful accomplishment of this mission. There are weapons of the ages and weapons of the hour that we must learn to wield. But, praise God, He always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ Jesus! As we learn to listen to Him and do as He instructs us, we can see fruitful harvest remaining for His glory to the ends of the earth!

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