Prayer and Power Evangelism

Intelligently strategized and focused, prayer functions as a direct force for winning people to Christ. Signs and wonders follow the proclamation of the Word of God often after prayer over people.

The whole Church can model the whole gospel to the whole community through prayer and prayerful evangelism. Luke 10 reveals Jesus’ strategy which incorporated asking God to encounter the person of peace through signs and wonders. Numerous testimonies exist of God beginning people movements to Christ through obeying His instructions to pray for others. Birthed in intimacy with God, walked out in instant, joyful obedience to Him, prayer evangelism releases the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives and communities as His kingdom comes through His will being done.


Our Mission

CELEBRATING Great Commission Progress among the Least-Reached Peoples.
ASSESSING Current Opportunities and Resources.
ACCELERATING Movements to Christ Amongst All Peoples.