A Global Gathering

To ASSess and Accelerate Movements Among All Ethné

Ethné: A global gathering
Ethné 2021 in south east asia
(9-13 August)
A NEW PHASE OF UPG IMPACT:For 30+ years, various approaches to reach UPGs have been tried. Yet, the percentage and population of those who have no access have grown – from 24% and 1.8 billion with no access in the mid-80s to 29% and 2.2 billion today!
Global UPG focus and prayer efforts were launched in the late 70s and early 80s. God invited us to pray and act – and responded to our obedience in prayer and action. God has shown He will start “Book of Acts-like movements” with those who are willing to do whatever God asks to disciple whole people groups. In the last ten-plus years we have seen the Disciple-Making Movements (the process) – also called Church Planting Movements (the result) – bring growth in numbers and impact we have not seen before.
We must Charge Forward

A comprehensive & holistic approach which exceeds population growth. . .

Movements have been proven to be the only comprehensive and holistic approach which exceeds population growth numerically and which stimulates active transformation of these societies from within both in holistic and financially sustainable ways.

The Impact: Global researchers are tracking at least 1300 movements where churches by the hundreds and thousands are changing their society from within. We celebrate this miraculous progress and are looking do what God asks us to do to accelerate these movements and to see Him launch more movements among all other UPGs where little or nothing is happening.
A Harsh Reality

Almost 29% – unreached or least reached or least evangelized Peoples who have little to no access to The Gospel.

ETHNÉ: is a global gathering that serves to keep the eyes of the Church focused on the Forgotten One-Fourth of the World.
Ethné 2021 in south east asia


ETHNÉ2021 will be a planning and strategizing meeting for those actively involved in UPG efforts. We will meet to ask God to show us what we will do to launch teams equipped to see “Book of Acts-kinds” of movements among every UPG and sub-segment (such as least evangelized cities). This commitment to see CPM-engagement of every UPG is a shared commitment of the 24:14 Coalition ( of which ETHNE is a part. We will seek to come out of the meeting with active plans.
Planning & Strategizing
for those actively involved in UPG efforts.
launch teams equipped to see “Book of Acts-kinds” of movements
commitment to engagement
commitment to see CPM-engagement of every UPG
active plans
We will seek to come out of the meeting with active plans
a quick look back


In 2001, at the Great Commission Roundtable meeting in Port Dickson, Malaysia, a number of us committed to work together globally to bring the Gospel to all Unreached People Groups. We formed a network called ETHNÉ; a global network of “UPG- focused” mission leaders. Good things have emerged from each following global gathering (2006 in Bali; 2009 Bogota; 2012 in Seoul; 2015 in Hyderabad ; 2018 in Malta).
ETHNÉ 2021 will be focused on ASSESSING and ACCELERATING Movements among the Unreached Peoples. We will hear testimonies from those involved in some of these movements in order to observe and learn, how to CATALYZE and SUSTAIN such movements.
The ETHNÉ Facilitation Team consists of 10 mission leaders from the following countries from across the world:USA, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, South Korea, Malta, Ethiopia, and Australia

Our Mission

CELEBRATING Great Commission Progress among the Least-Reached Peoples.
ASSESSING Current Opportunities and Resources.
ACCELERATING Movements to Christ Amongst All Peoples.