Crisis Response

Prayer in crisis response – Prayer strategists embedded in crisis response teams help focus on and identify spiritual dynamics and appropriate responses in prayer, communicating updates and receiving encouragements from the wider prayer shield teams.

The Kairos Moment is Now as we are witnessing an acceleration of wars, rumors of wars, plagues, famines and earthquakes in various places, just as Jesus foretold in Matthew 24. At such moments, the rules of society change. This becomes a moment for the gospel IF the Church is prepared not only to survive, but to ‘keep its head when all about them are losing theirs’! These disasters become kairos moments among formerly inaccessible peoples. Could this acceleration in fact BE God’s answer to our cries for the last remaining least-reached peoples? But just as society’s rules change in such situations, so our approaches must in order to retain our poise and seize the moment for His kingdom’s sake. Our approaches must work in disasters, in war zones, among nomadic groups, even in the most hostile of settings. Believers walking in conversational relationship with God can access His wisdom even as the crisis unfolds. They can be those who keep their heads when all about them are losing theirs. They walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring help and hope to a lost, dying world.

Resources for Crisis Response:
Prayer Case Study – ‘God’s response to crisis…”

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